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At SBI - Stove Builder International Inc., your privacy is of great importance. Therefore, we comply with the legislation relating to respect for private life. This means that your personal data is safe with us and we always treat these with care. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you of the different types of personal information, as defined below, that SBI collects, uses and discloses.

What is personal information?

A 'personal information' is any information that can identify you, directly or indirectly, as an individual. This information may include, without limitation, your name, your address, your location data, phone number, email address, IP (Internet Protocol), your email password, your age, or one or more factors specific to your physical, psychological, economic, cultural or social.

How do we collect your personal information?


Cookies are a set of data sent by a server to a web browser, which is returned by the browser each time it accesses again to the same server, used to identify the user or follow his server access. This technology aims to collect and track information to improve and analyze our website, our products and services and enhance the user experience. Please, refer to the 'Cookies Policy' for more information.

Social media

Cookies social media and third-party cookies are set up by various social media websites. If you click on a social media icon on our website, a social media cookie is placed. Social media could recognize your IP (Internet Protocol) as soon as you share a part of our website. For example, these websites include buttons to promote or share ( 'Like', 'Tweet', 'Share') web pages on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. These buttons operate using pieces of code which respectively come from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Cookies are created by this code. We have no control over that. Consult the relevant privacy statements (which may change periodically) to see what these parts are of your data (personal data) that these parties process via their cookies.

Privacy Policy LinkedIn:

Privacy Policy Facebook:

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Newsletter subscription

By subscribing to the newsletter, you allow SBI to use your personal email address to send you information about, for example, our upcoming promotions. You can always unsubscribe by clicking on the link available at the bottom our newsletter.

How do we use your information?

It is possible that we use the information collected from you when you register, make a purchase, subscribe to our newsletter, respond to a survey or marketing communication, surf the website, or use certain other functions of our website as follows:

  • Enhance your user experience and enable us to offer the type of content and products that interest you most ;
  • Improve our website to better serve you ;
  • Allow to better serve you by answering your requests Customer ;
  • Inform you of new products or services ;
  • Administer a contest, promotion, survey or other functions of our website ;
  • Ask for feedback and comments about products or services ;
  • Follow up after a match (live chat, email or phone call).

When and how do we obtain your consent

Your consent is required when you access the website.

By clicking 'I agree', you accept the use of cookies may collect certain personal data to optimize your visit to our website.

You can also refuse cookies our Use Policy, which could affect your user experience on the website. See section 'Cookies Policy' for more information.

How do we ensure the security of your personal information?

SBI takes all necessary steps to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

SBI does not sell, do not share and does not transfer your personal information to third parties. However, if this was necessary to improve the performance of the website, we will strive to the maximum to protect your information by taking all reasonable steps to protect it from misuse and only use it in a manner consistent with our privacy policy and regulations applicable to data protection. Note that our third parties are bound by the principle of co-responsibility with regard to the processing of personal data.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about how we handle your personal information, you can contact us.

What are your rights and choices regarding your personal information?

At any time, you have a right to access your personal information. You have the right to request the SBI to correct personal data if any change was made. You may also request deletion of your personal data, the so-called right to be forgotten (see 'Cookies Policy').

Contact us

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Like most companies, SBI - Builder International Inc. uses cookies stove to help us collect information about how our site is used and to enable us to understand the preferences of visitors to continuously improve your experience, the website in general, and that our products and services. This means that when you visit our website, cookies or similar technologies will be placed on your computer or other electronic device.

This page describes the use of cookies on our website. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our practices cookies measures and let us know if you have any questions by sending an email or by completing an application in the 'Contact Us' section on our web site.

What does the term 'cookie'?

A cookie is a set of data sent from a website and stored on your computer that allows other websites to record your web activity navigation and recall information. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, smart phone or other electronic device when you visit our website. They allow us or our third party partners to identify you and make your visit easier and more useful when you revisit our web site.

Who collects information?

There are different types of cookies. Some come directly from our website and other third parties that place cookies on our site.

Cookies can be stored for varying periods in your browser or electronic device. Session cookies are deleted from your computer or electronic device when you close your browser. Persistent cookies will remain stored on your computer or electronic device until deleted, or until they reach their expiration date.

SBI will collect, use and disclose your personal information where it is fair and legal to do.

How SBI use cookies?

Cookies enable us to identify users (when available), to rework the content of our website to fit the needs of visitors and help us to improve the user experience. Without certain types of cookies allowed, we can not guarantee that the website and your experience of it are as we intend it to be. We use cookies to obtain information about your visit and about the device used to access our site.

This includes, where available, your IP address and your email password, the operating system and browser type, and according to the cookie, the statistical reporting on the actions and browsing habits of our users.

What do we use cookies?

  • Analytical cookies Google

The first cookie used allows SBI to identify the type of equipment you use, such as a computer, tablet or cell phone, to optimize the operation of the website. The information is not traceable after the expiry time of one minute. The second helps us identify the type of user. This cookie lasts 24 hours. The latter is a cookie that tracks statistical information related to your browsing habits on our website. The expiration time is 1 hour. These cookies are managed by SBI.

  • Cookies locally controlled

These cookies remember information over a period of 3 months. The data collected are mainly related to country, language, currency and type of browser. We also use cookies applied. The reason we store this information is always related to the optimization of the customer experience.

How SBI handles transactional data?

The billing information, such as name, address, country, postal code, phone numbers, etc. are retained by its ERP via SBI. Our third party partners, namely the developers website, also retain such information.

In both cases, conservation billing information is not managed by cookies. In addition, as the information have no expiration date, SBI and its third party partners would have to erase data if a consumer were to apply. Only one piece of identification, which would take the form of a code, could be retained to trace a transaction, and any information personally identifiable would be abolished.

SBI retains no information on credit cards that would have been used on the website to purchase products. SBI has a partnership with Stripe, which is an IT platform for online payments used by many companies worldwide Internet. For more information on Stripe policy for the protection of privacy and its impact on the GDPR, please visit the following link

How can you reject and delete cookies?

You can decide to reject or block all or specific types of cookies by clicking on the preference of cookies on our website. Note that most browsers automatically accept cookies. Therefore, if you do not want cookies to be used, you may need to delete or actively block cookies. If you refuse the use of cookies, it could be that your user experience is affected on the internet site.

For your convenience, we have provided links to the cookie management page for the most popular browsers:

You may also visit or for details on how to delete or reject cookies and to obtain more details on general cookies.

Using our website without deleting or reject some or more cookies, it is considered that you accept the use of cookies.

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