In your homes since 1980, Century Heating devices are simple and efficient. Made in Quebec, you will benefit from the best quality-price ratio thanks to the Century promise: to design efficient heating devices at an affordable price, without compromising on quality.

Our series of wood-burning stoves and inserts with a classic look goes straight to the point to quickly provide you with all the heat you need in cold weather or in the event of a power failure. Century Heating appliances can be found in your garage, chalet, basement or even in your living room. They are among the most ecological on the market and provide you with real savings in firewood.


The beginnings of Century Heating go back to 1980, in Orilia, Ontario. Gord Cook founded Solar Wood Company and began producing his own line of wood stoves. He then diversified his activities and began manufacturing fiberglass dives, swimming pool steps and slides, and 8-foot sailboats.

In 1984, Haugh's Products took possession of the company and began growing the line of wood stoves with big box stores: Sears, Canadian Tire, Beaver Lumber, etc. With the arrival of the first standards governing fine particle emissions, Haugh’s developed its first EPA certified stove, the S13X model. It was in 1994 that the Century Heating brand appeared for the marketing of the company’s wood stoves.

Between 1997 and 2008, the various activities of the company were sold to different entities and the heating division, Century Heating, was acquired by SBI - a manufacturer specializing in wood-burning appliances.

Over the years, Century Heating appliances have evolved to become more and more efficient and to respect increasingly strict environmental standards. Our most recent success is the certification of the FW3200 wood stove with an emission rate of only 0.95 g / h, which is almost 3 times cleaner than the EPA 2020 standard.