Century Return Policy

Your return request for repayment of an article must be submitted by email to tech@sbi-international.com within 30 days of purchase. Proof of purchase (or order number) is required. Products must be returned in their original packaging and accompanied by all the parts, including the instruction manuals if necessary. If he misses the packaging, parts or instruction manuals, SBI reserves the right to deduct an equivalent amount corresponding to the value of the missing items. Our customer service will issue the credit within 14 days of receipt of returned products. Postage and handling are not refundable. The packages that are not clearly identified with the return authorization number on the outside of the package will be refused and returned to the sender's expense. Make sure you use a carrier that will be able to provide a tracking number and proof of delivery for traceability.

We want to simplify the return process. Note however that regardless of the return, when an article has to cross the border, certain documents are required by the customs authorities. We will provide the documents and detailed instructions of where to return the goods that the goods are cleared without delay and without charge.

Follow all the instructions included with the return authorization papers. The processing of a return from the United States may take 1 to 2 days, the time that the proper customs documents are issued.

If a part is faulty, immediately contact our online service at tech@sbi-international.com. Before contacting us, please have the following information to process your warranty claim:

  • Your name, address and telephone number;
  • The invoice or order number;
  • The nature of the defect and any relevant information;
  • Digital photos may be required to support a defect.

Before shipping a defective part to our office, you must obtain an authorization number SBI.

Returned goods without permission will automatically be refused and returned to sender.

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