Corporate infos


1980 Solar Wood Company establish - Gord Cook, Orillia
- Began producing his own product line of wood stoves
- Expanded into Fiberglass diving boards, pool steps, pool slides, & 8 ft. sailboats

1982 Solar Wood began making one model of wood stove for Haugh's products for SEARS
- One model, 14 employees, 5,000 sq ft

1984 Haugh's Products purchased the building & equipment from Solar Wood
- Began to grow the stove business to other mass merchants: Canadian Tire, Beaver Lumber, etc.

1986 First Building Expansion

1987 First EPA approved stoves developed

1988 Second Building Expansion

1990 Third Building Expansion

1992 Last Building Expansion, building was now 52,000 sq ft employing close to 100 employees during the busy season

1994 Haugh's Products developed "Century Heating" line of stoves

1997 Orillia facility was purchased by Jacuzzi
- Facility continued to make pool parts, now for Jacuzzi

2003 CFM purchases the Jacuzzi Heating division
- Continued to supply labor for pool parts, material & machines owned by the pool division

2006 CFM Orillia continues to employ +100 employees manufacturing wood stoves
- Continue to supply labor to produce parts for pool company

2008 CFM Corporation has seek protection from its creditors. Under the Monitor's supervision, the assets of CFM have been sold to various entities. Stove Builder International has purchased, as of July 19, 2008, the assets of the CFM's plate steel stove division located in Orillia, Ontario. More precisely, SBI has acquired all the rights to the Century Heating brand.

2008 The new century-heating.com web site was launched in December 2008.